Grooving on the fly

Ah, yes! ChromeBooks! Wonderful things they are; portable, light and stylish. But seriously, how on Earth are we meant to install gigabytes worth of DAW software onto one of these things?

With Soundtrap, that’s how.

Screen Shot 2017-12-01 at 14.26.47

Works on: Chrome, iOS, Android

Suitable for: KS2 upwards

Soundtrap has been around in the ‘States for a while now and has an ever growing community of music makers, educators, students and podcasters making use of this excellent online platform around the world.

What is Soundtrap?

Soundtrap is a completely online Digital Audio Workspace (DAW) which offers anybody working with sound the opportunity to work completely remotely from their usual location. It is free to sign up too!

It looks great; the white background and bright content bars are really fresh. Plus, adding and editing instruments is really simple, making it ideal for beginners to really get to grips with it quickly and get stuck in. If you are working on a Chromebook (or using the Chrome web browser) you get more functionality; track automation is not available on mobile devices, for example.

Screen Shot 2017-12-01 at 14.33.36

Simple, clean and effective (Copyright, Soundtrap 2018)

One of the neatest tricks up its’ sleeve is online collaboration. You can now compose on the fly with Soundtrap users around the world, without the need for huge portable hard drives or long journeys to meet up. Or, if you’re a podcaster, you can run and record you show without everybody present, much like live TV or radio shows might do. This is amazing for education – if you want to conduct an interview with somebody who just cannot afford the time to meet in you school or institution, then you can hook them up with an account, arrange a time and off you go!

This week I have been playing with a personal account, which I have to say has been pretty comprehensive so far. There are options for educational accounts which will save a huge 95% compared to buying hundreds of individual accounts; if you are considering investing for you institution then I seriously recommend taking this route.

All in all, I really enjoy working in Soundtrap, and I know my students are going to love creating their own tunes and podcasts in the future.


  •  Free to sign up
  • DAW functionality
  • Online collaboration


  • Fast, stable internet connection needed
  • Full loop library and functionality limited to paying members
  • Limited functionality on mobile devices

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