Comparing versions…

When teaching music lessons, we often get pupils (if not guided) saying they find something boring, or they don’t like it. They don’t refer to the musical elements to back up their responses, they simply don’t like it. But, one of my favourite activities to combat this is “Comparing Versions”. It literally goes like this:

Play a song/piece of music and do a basic analysis of it (mind mapping is great – for the little ones, draw pictures of what they can hear.) Then, fumble around YouTube for a bit looking for cover versions or whatever (drum covers of classical music are great fun!) and do the same thing.

THEN – ask them which one they prefer. Why? What is it about their preferred version that drew them to it? “Because it’s my kind of music?” Why’s that’s then? You’ll often find a musical reason within their answer, rather than simply because they say so.

Try it – you can spend HOURS listening to different versions of the same song or piece and it never gets boring!

Rondo Alla Turca

Rondo Guitar

Rondo Drum Cover

Orchestral Rondo


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