Dydd Miwsig Cymru

Friday 8th February 2019 in National Welsh Music Day – a day to celebrate the music of Wales beyond the usual suspects!

To bring some analysis into the day, I’ve decided to base my main activity on a WJEC GCSE inspired question, presented using a Double Bubble mind map. I’ve been looking for ways of using mind maps in music ever since Hanna Miller (@notesfromthebun) did a great talk on their uses back in October at the New Voices conference, and found the Double Bubble a perfect way of picking out specific details for individual versions of songs, as well as linking the similarities in the middle. To make this more manageable for my Year 4 class, I’ve custom filled the outside with some headings, but left the middle blank for them to have a little freedom. It looks like this:

Following analysis, they will have to opportunity to write a brief review, yn Gymraeg, of the songs and say which was their favourite.

I reckon this will be a neat and manageable way to listen to different versions of the same song, and could potentially drive a more extended piece of writing afterwards if we want to do so.


Taught this lesson, it went really well – the children were engaged and totally understood the concept of the mind map. Definitely going to roll this out more when comparing 2 pieces of music.

As always, any comments are welcome!



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