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Musical Mysteries

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Whilst trawling the old web for software or sites to add to my links list, I stumbled upon a cute little site from BBC Northern Ireland named “Musical Mysteries“. The whole premise is based around a little boy called Robbie and his pet dog Curly.

Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 15.19.16
Robbie and Curly (Copyright BBC NI, 2015)

Although the site does not strictly follow the usual expected musical elements, it looks at the areas of Sound, Rhythm, Mood and Orchestra in different ways, including interactive soundscape composition, sound exploration and quizzes.

Musical Mysteries are suggested for ages 7-11, however I would probably use the site as a Foundation Phase (KS1) resource rather than upper juniors. One idea might be to simply set it up as an independent activity on a class computer and allow the children to explore the mysteries on their own. You could also work through the site with lower age groups, however this would required much more teacher led intervention.

There are also teacher resources, lesson plans etc. which can be helpful for guiding you through some of the explanations. There are additional links, however these have been found to be out of date or archived.

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